Each month Tameside 4 Good highlights a volunteer who has gone the extra mile. We give them the well deserved title of supporter of the month.

In August we awarded Louise Croombs, drivetime presenter on Tameside Radio​, for supporting Tameside 4 Good at several events including by judging the Guinness World Record attempt and she took on the #PaintedPink canoelay to name just a few of the amazing things she's done.

September 2016 saw the NCS The Challenge group in Tameside bag supporter of the month for organising an Olympic fundraising event at Active Oxford Park which raised £269.15 for Tameside 4 Good.

This month (October 2016) we’re recognising our 11 daredevil skydivers who took to the skies on Sunday 25th September to fundraise for Tameside 4 Good.

Amy Rowlands, Tameside 4 Good fundraiser, commented: “It's great to have local businesses supporting our local community. Thanks to daredevil employees at Brother UK, New Charter Homes, Benchmark Building Supplies, Tameside Council, Printerbase.co.uk, GMS Thermal Products Limited and Carillion plc for signing up to the challenge.”

If you’d like to take on a Tameside 4 Good skydive challenge, you can sign up to parachute jump on Sunday 5th March 2017. Simply contact the Tameside 4 Good fundraiser on Tel: 0161 339 2345 or E:mail info@tameside4good.org.